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Edge and endpoint security solutions Edge and endpoint security solutions

When information is not adequately protected, it may be compromised – leading 
to an information or security breach. The consequences of such an information breach can be severe to business value.

For businesses, a breach usually involves huge financial penalties, expensive lawsuits, and loss of reputation thus business. For individuals, a breach can lead to identity theft and damage to financial history or credit rating.

Recovering from information breaches can take years, and the costs are huge.

80% of an organization’s business data reside on desktops or endpoints


How Secure is your Data?

Securing data, starting from the environment gateway to endpoint computers, is crucial to secure an organization’s identity; indeed, the threat to information can potentially come from either inside or outside of the organization so both edge and endpoint security have a critical role to play.

With extensive experience in information and identity protection, 3T has been providing its customers with tailor made designs and products to eliminate any possible threat. 


With 3T, get the assessment and the solutions you need to your network and endpoints security concerns